About “Smoking Your Memories” the teaser…

Video preview (Teaser) of my next single “Smoking Your Memories”

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Smoking memories of a love that you release, it is on the last moment of reflection before saying  “I´ll fight for this, until today … you be free” that this song is about, a rootlessness in the last minute of hope and strength, a love that hasn´t die yet, but not rising from the canvas and eternal counts down from 8, 9, …. and agree that it only remains to hear 10.

It is a remembrance, a collage of emotions and a final torment.

Thus begins this audiovisual brief but loaded with a Quote in Off of one of the scenes the film Inception


Mal: You remember when you asked me to marry you? You said you dreamt that we’d grow old together.                                                                                    

Cobb: But we did. We did. You don’t remember?… I miss you more than I can bear, but… we had our time together. And I have to let go… I have to let you go.

Inception, 2010

The symbols present: a cup of coffee, cigarettes, scribbles and letters on a piece of paper still writting, then the sound of a Zippo lighter and a microphone; A bohemian apologists struggle, almost poetic; exorcising all the pain and sadness that leaves the separation between two people who want and can not be together … the reasons do not matter. Nostalgia is the protagonist.

This is just a preview of the complete visual and musical piece to be aware of what comes just have to connect to my network.

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